28 Nov 2012

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The Steve O is discussed. Things don't much improve for Ralphie May. Across the radio tracks. Half-man, half-apology. Chip joke is enjoyed. Seditious malcontents air grievances. Presidential ladies compared. Dolly Parton Nashville chit-chat unexpectedly lights-up the phones.
Cumia still refuses to appreciate classic blues. A complaint is received. Someone is on the hotline, rarely seen Destroyer mojo. One day off.
Shit-head interaction is tiring. Elmo sexy excerpts. Framerate concern. Wheelchairs and ear-pieces. Meetings. Ant's an OG and Stanley T.

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Danny called a repellent cunt, is emphatic that he is not bothered.


  1. holy shit opie the destroyer had me crying and i had to pause the audio a few times soooooo uncomfortable

  2. I haven't been able to listen to the show for a month or so, have they all been as good as this one was? Sounds like the new contract rejuvenated Opie.

  3. So... The toothpick art guy. Find that show if you want a prime example of how awful Ralpie May was on the show. Horrible.

  4. Wow Jimmy didn't say a word during the Ralphie call...that was brutal. I guess that goes to show his respect for comic's despite how he feel's about some things...

  5. Nice. Old school Opie today. Reminded me of the AAF Days. I'd also like to thank Ant for helping me guess Powerball 6, even though I didn't win anything....

  6. That shithead Peter sounded way too much like that that guy Kenny that Jimmy just annihilated a couple of years ago. It's available on youtube and it is remarkable how similar he is, even up to asking for an "agenda".


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