14 Nov 2012

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Dirty looks, pet choices and Black Ops. Disgruntled caller. Sal climbs back into the barrel. His replacements are considered. Snarky cunt.
Tree executed. Uncle Paul misunderstood. Jim's party song spitballed. Vapid Mash-up. Legbreakers. Getting dragged around with bad MS.
The Erock jingles are judged and the votes are counted.

Penn Jillette comes in. Re-tells the Spielberg story. Mediums bashed. Chris Tucker visits, has to work quickly to squeeze a plug in edgewise.
Libertarian and atheist position described, and Chip snags a photo.
Another Dr Steve gift is abused. Oliver Stone is waited for. Morality. Whoo Kid stops by, has a corporate gig story. Eat cum. Oliver Stone.

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The big boy show goes quite long, no room is left for young Sambo.


  1. Burn em' up dogsies

    Anyone got a good excuse I can give ATT this month so they'll credit by data overages?

  2. Oh man those are all shows from early 2000s? Thanks dude you rule.

  3. Entenmann's STINKS & I don't care who knows it!


    I said it ....

  4. Will you be posting Bagellin with the sex. And thanks for taking the time to do this everyday.

  5. heres the link to the blog...still along way to get everything uploaded but i have a good start. 1998-2000 is uploaded and half of 2001 is ready.

    1. Have updated both links to point to your blog.

    2. Nice one, Uncle Paul! You can play turkey foot with me anytime.

      And thanks to you too, David, for all your hard work.

  6. I hope that Uncle Paul archive is more complete and faster than the files on Spreadtheonavirus. Sometimes the server on that website goes down easily and the files take long while to download as a result.

    As someone who likes a lot of the libertarian philosophy and the classical liberalism it's rooted in, I really want to hear Penn Jillette's explanation of what he believes even though I don't identify with any specific political label or movement. This show will be a keeper.

  7. Penn is always awesome.

  8. Just want to say thanks. Been lurking for months, still pay my XM subscription to support da boys, but prefer to listen this way.

  9. i know its in the rules but thats man, iv had a shitty past couple of days with my dads death and running around. the posts have made it alittle easier for me. thanks agian.

  10. Guy Fieri's restaurant took such a bad beating in the Times, it made national news tonight. I can't wait to hear what the boys have to say about this.

  11. I was late for work waiting for Oviver Stone... FUCK


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