12 Nov 2012

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Dr Steve is too nice. Phones. LA trip. Homoerotic Skyfall. 'I gots mine!' People actually enjoy listening to this show. Fireman Ed is a cunt.

Lincoln high-talker. Petraeus didn't like fucking men. Electoral college. Some jokes. Roland's movie reviews. Where are the new audio clips?
Don Lemon. Oh, here's some audio clips. 'Squawkbox and Bobcat'. Compound menagerie planned. Wordplay, then cats are inspected.
An impromptu Jocktober creates tremendous anger and melancholy. Three yingles. Ant's men who built America, the virtue of selfishness.

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Jim is waiting for a dumb photo, so he stays on the Shit Show awhile. The Norton advice show. No-fun Bagellin' with the Sex is described.


  1. Who is the model on the youtube upload for 11-6-12 show?

  2. "The virtue of selfishness" huh?

    Does that mean Anthony is going to go watch Atlas Shrugged THE MOTION PICTURE?

  3. Somebody needs to isolate Jimmy's French joke and the ensuing silence on youtube. That was classic.

  4. Any chance you will be recording Bagelin' with the sex on saturday?


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