29 Nov 2012

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Powerballs. A dizzying barage of Seinfeld references. Boldface names. 'Club Piscopo' is critiqued, turns out to be worse than the holocaust.

Florentine is in studio. More Joe Piscopo, cringe levels go supercritical. Lines are gently peppered, aftermath is imagined, fix it in the edit ...
Integrity. Sleepy Bill Burr phones to promote the Patrice benefit gig. Demon bridge-burner, master cock-blocker. Jim's prized 'artworks'.
Fleurds. Gifts are fucking stupid. The molestation album is presented. Stalker Patti shows up to tell us about her health problems. Karaoke.

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Big show runs long. No time for any After Show today.


  1. oh no... I just found this on Joe Piscopo's twitter: "On Opie and Anthony tmrw 9 AM. Ask and you shall receive. :-)"


    1. oh fuck me

    2. That's gonna be great........ that's gonna be great.

  2. Ohhh boy.....I hope "Opie the Destroyer" shows up....

  3. I'm wondering who is going to post the Patrice special with the new stuff added. will it be on here or somewhere else? Just curious. R.I.P Patrice i cried when he died and i only heard him on the radio and went to 1 of his shows when he came to my area and i said hi and shook his hand and talked to him for like maybe 2 minutes. he was an awesome guy in person...no fake b/s while talking to fans like others do (you could tell he was himself)

  4. Holy fuck... their Piscopo segment actually had me exhausted. It was debilitating.

  5. Let me say this again: You write the best run-downs ever. "Super critical" had me "howling".

  6. Does anyone have the 2011 show from O&A? I will trade

  7. Ow my gwowd oi missed stwawka pyatty. Reedio gwold.


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