15 Nov 2012

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Cardiologist cuntery winds-up Opie. FBI flowchart and the generals. Jimmy investigates and plumps up. Old office tumbled. Nutty Florida.

Tea. A mystery caller phones to berate Norton. Patrice's new single. Erock jingle winner revealed. Ghost Steve C and a covert bash failure. The side-contest has a side-side-contest. It's a paedo Thanksgiving.
Sit and listen as Danny gets worked-up over Ant's Xbox keyboard.
Bon Jovi daughter. Fancy drug street-talk. Jimcy. The Chantilly Lace bit. Some time machine talk to fill some time. Sully. SFP lyrics. Manhattan.

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Jessiemae Peluso is Sam's guest. The weekend programming guests. Guy Fieri's shitty review, and Jessiemae takes the lid off of reality TV.


  1. Just lost my siruis acct..now completely dependant on this awesome set-up..thanks for everything..any1 know where u can get current Ron & Fez???? Again thanks for ur services

    1. teds o&a emporium theres a link on the side bar

    2. On Ted's - http://www.tedsonaemporium.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=3&sid=900766c5c4a1edc1f35c10fb2b8eaf25

  2. i love having the rundown on my phone while im listening. good work!

  3. Thanks as always for this site. You're a scholar AND a gentleman.

    I was checking out the sidebar links, may want to link to O&A's subreddit too. http://www.reddit.com/r/opieandanthony


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