27 Nov 2012

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It's all fun and games on the old twitter: Totalitarians, Ralphie May and Brown bashing clucking fallout. Elmo reprobates and leg weight.
Half-man hassle. Sickening film dialogue causes testicular retraction.
Hairy asshole. Old show characters recalled. Gay Marco vs the vadge.

Ray Liotta is in studio to plug a film ... still sounds exactly like him. Gambling, sneakers and collections. Kuklinski. Soap stories. Scorsese.
Whoo Kid the big liar grabs 4th-mic. Bradley Bliss imdb'd. Ass-holster. Quick on the draw Steve O is here. Tattoo trouble. Ribald drug tales.

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Whoo Kid describes hip-hop kidnap, Sam explains illiberal white guilt.


  1. Here's some of what E-Rock couldn't find... and no wonder he couldn't find it.


  2. can't believe there's no comments...

    great job David, you're my hero

    1. Naaah, there were a few, saying thanks, I read them, but I don't usually publish them.

      It feels much too weird pressing 'Approve' on comments like that on your own blog.

  3. This was a phenomenal show.
    Thanks my David!!


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